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Surgical LASER

Focused on keeping your devices running, Surgical, Dermatological and Opthalmic LASERs and attachments.


What Procedure We Follow for
Phaco Maintenance?


Thorough physical and electrical safety inspection.

we access and document all points of care on the device and address in our reporting.

Our technical team will perform an Operational inspection

to determine any technical defects and issues address error codes. Using equipment performance guidelines we calibrate and tune the device to optimal functionality.

We work through our experience

to identify future problems to develop the right strategies to considerably enhance the longevity of your Surgical LASER.

Why Choose Us for Phaco Maintenance?

Our Phaco maintenance experts know almost all the upsides and downsides of the phaco machines used in hospitals and top healthcare centers. We understand that what characteristically breaks on the phaco systems and which parts require immediate service for improved healthcare results.

We offer Phaco maintenance services, including but not limited to-
Full repair service at affordable rates
Effective and preventative Maintenance to take care of the machine
Give the best preventative maintenance contracts for machines
Contact OEM technicians for any software or machine upgrade related issues.
Call and chat support is available
Round the clock services

Customer focused, solutions driven.