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Let us help solve your immediate problems and develop a service plan to keep your mixed Phaco Emuslifier inventory running.


What Procedure We Follow for
Phaco Maintenance?


Mixed inventory no problem.

Inventory assessment and proactive plan to maintain devices, reduce downtime and keep up with surgical schedule.

Immediate video and phone tech support.

Rapid communication to help eliminate unnecessary service calls and procedure postponement.

Experienced technicains deliver comprehensive inspection.

Complete visual and performance inspection, identifying potential issues and offering consultative solutions.

Why Choose Us for Phaco Maintenance?

Our Phaco maintenance experts are focused on helping the end user avoid disruptions in healthcare centers and speciality clinics. We understand what characteristically fails on the phaco systems and which components require preventative immediate service for optimal healthcare results.

We offer Phaco maintenance services, including but not limited to-
Full repair service at affordable rates
Effective and preventative Maintenance to extend the life of the device
Accessories and handpiece repairs & sales
Offer help escalating OEM contact for any software or machine upgrade related issues.
Call and chat support is available
Rentals available - don't worry about the maintenance or installation, we take care of it

Customer focused, solutions driven.