Phaco Maintenance

Are you taking care of everything post surgery for phaco maintenance, but still your machine is not working properly? Are you are tired of finding out the ways why your phaco machine fails even when you are carefully placing the Phaco machine in a sterilization box to cool down and let it come at room temperature post surgery? It is highly recommended to consult with an expert in Phaco repair and maintenance services.


If you think that your phaco machine breaks and requires surgical laser repair or maintenance service, then Sando Surgical is here to help you! Sando Surgical is a leading medical equipment service provider that provides effective and on-site phaco maintenance. Having a team of former OEM technicians and other field experts, Sando Surgical is dedicated to render the best medical laser repair service at affordable rates. We have several years of experience in repairing phacoemulsification machine with complete repair and service work as well as annual maintenance.

Assuring to meet the demands of excellent workmanship and quality medical equipment repair service, our team takes care of everything. We are professionals in repairing old or new Phaco machines as per the current market trend and what the hospital needs! Our medical equipment repairing and maintenance center gives an initial inspection of phaco maintenance at zero cost. However, we will wait for our client’s approval to start our quality and inexpensive work.

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What Procedure We Follow for Phaco Maintenance?

  • We first rinse the phaco machine using sterile water! We rinse both the exits of the Phaco machine at around 50cc of sterile water in combination with air. We never use anything like metallic to scrub the phaco handpiece that can cause a fluidic resistance afterwards.
  • Our technician team will perform visual inspection then, so as to determine any technical defects and issues in the error codes. With the help of visual inspection, we can easily find out any bumps, broken cord, and even any loose tip. If we detect any of such issues, then it is high time for us to give a little touch-up to your phaco machine.
  • We refer to manufacturers guide every time for sterilization of Phaco machine and its preventive care. We know that each manufacturing company has certain sort of peculiarities and they know the craftsmanship of the products and the parts used better than any other person.
  • We work through our experience, and make the right strategies to considerably enhance the longevity of your phaco machine.

At Surgical Sando, we are cooperative, authentic and well-informed Phaco repair technicians. We are not only reputable medical equipment repair business in the market, yet relatable. For us, our customer satisfaction is our top priority. we work for them and their happiness!

We have almost all long-term potential customers with us due to our prompt response, timely, and quality service. Our loyal client base benefits from our qualified skill set and garner the profit of huge cost savings on buying new medical equipment.

Besides, we render all minor or major phaco machine repair services with a standard 6 months warranty that covers the materials or parts used along with the workmanship. We ensure that each phaco machine repair and maintenance would match the highest quality standards to the OEM and thus, give you a repaired phaco machine like a new brand hand-piece in working condition.

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Why Choose Us for Phaco Maintenance?

Our Phaco maintenance experts know almost all the upsides and downsides of the phaco machines used in hospitals and top healthcare centers. We understand that what characteristically breaks on the phaco systems and which parts require immediate service for improved healthcare results. Our repair and maintenance service is the smart choice for you! Rather than incurring spikes in pricing factor, we never charge anything for unexpected cause. We are fully reliable in terms of both cost as well as quality work.

We offer Phaco maintenance services, including but not limited to-

  • Full repair service at affordable rates
  • Effective and preventative Maintenance to take care of the machine.
  • Give the best preventative maintenance contracts for machines.
  • Round the clock services
  • Call and chat support is available.
  • Contact OEM technicians for any software or machine upgrade related issues.

By choosing us, you would be able to eradicate the manufacturers’ service agent to come to your hospital and give you the right guidance related to Phaco machine repair and maintenance. We are here to help you and respond you quickly for your needs.

Whether you want a visual inspection, complete inspection, or full phaco machine repair and maintenance services, we are good in all. We are highly skilled people in offering phaco maintenance service and hence, completely rebuilding your phaco machine and reminding you to take efficient care of it. Apart from these, when you reach us or contact us for phaco machine parts, we would troubleshoot the issues with you and also, would ask you for the exact error codes to make your system working in the best condition!

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